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About the Facility

A filed of dog agility jumps and equipment, ready to be set for the next jump height.

What is Agility?

Agility is a fast paced, fun sport for both you and your dog. Agility can be done for fun, or you may decide that you would like to compete with your dog. In agility, a dog and handler must negotiate a timed obstacle course. Speed as well as accuracy on the performance obstacles is the key to the sport.

It's the perfect outlet of energy for that bored dog, bored kid or an adult who wants to enjoy the sport too! Watch your destructive, difficult dog transform into a happy, easy house pet once they know that they have a job to look forward to out on the agility field.

Want to watch and see what it's all about? Check out our upcoming events on our Calendar and come watch the fun!

Center for Canine Sports is a training facility located in Garland, Texas and offers agility classes from puppy through Masters Agility levels. Our classes meet in the evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Private instruction is also available by appointment.

CCS is a two acre outdoor facility. Our facility is on grass, lighted, and water is available. 

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