Training Class Schedule

CCS offers all levels of classes from your very first agility course up to the top level of competition. We focus on your specific needs and help you achieve your goals with your dog. 

Our instructors have years of experience and are happy to share their knowledge with you. They have run successfully in many different venues including USDAA, AKC, ASCA, NADAC, UKI, UKC, and CPE.

Classes are taught on an ongoing basis, you can join anytime.

Class cost is $70 for one month.

For more information or to register for a class please contact Lisa at

Foundations & Introduction to Agility

All breeds, mixed breeds, and all ages* of dogs are welcome to start their agility journey in this class! Learn the basics with your dog in a way that will help you navigate the agility obstacles at the next level. Ideal class for dogs who are shy and easily frightened as well as dogs who are bold and high energy and need an activity to channel all that energy into.

*Please follow your veterinarians's advice on when to begin with a young puppy

Masters Agility

The Masters class is the highest class we offer.  Those in this class should be at an Advance/Excellent level or higher.  This class is where we work on our timing in communicating and handling the clearest line to our canine partner, figuring out the correct placement of crosses, and continue to build speed and confidence in both partners of the team. 

Beginners Agility

A class to safely introduce the dogs to the obstacles. Learn the criteria it takes for your dog to accurately perform 2on 2off contacts, channel weaves, tunnels, the table, and the jumps all while maintaining a balance of handler and obstacle focus.

Advanced Agility

So you've made it to Advanced, congratulations! Whether you are on your 1st dog or 3rd, there is no doubt still questions that require answers. We will be addressing questions about agility organizations, rules, title qualifications, skills, body mechanics, dog training, terminology, etc. Whether your concerns be motivation or dealing with the "over the top" dog, I am here to help you. In this class we will work together to prepare you for what lies ahead, Masters/Excellent. I did not come from a horse or dog training background so I struggled initially with the simplest terminology. I have spent the last two years learning, attending seminars and asking questions. It is my goal to give you a soft landing to the next level where things get a little bit more intense. Together we will work sequences, run courses, discuss the best approach to a tough spot on a course, and ask and answer questions TOGETHER! Let's do this! Learning can be fun! This is YOUR class!