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Lisa Jarvis

Wednesday Masters Class


Lisa has been in agility since 2000, and has been teaching since 2003. She has taught for local facilities such as DDS, DAWG, and CCS. Lisa was also the Training Director for DAWG for many years. She became a judge for USDAA in 2004 and for UKI in 2009. She has recently become a judge for AKC as well. Lisa has attended many seminars over the years from presenters such as Melanie Wall Miller, Anna Eifert, and Dudley Fontaine to name a few.

With both a judging and teaching background, she is always staying current with new trends in handling techniques and rule changes. Lisa has owned and run both small and large breeds dogs successfully.

Julie Stanek

Wednesday Beginners Class

Julie started agility in 1997 with M, her Golden Retriever. Julie has been with CCS since it's beginnings. Even though she runs border collies now, she is familiar with different personalities and breeds.

Julie has attended many seminars over the years to expand her knowledge of the sport and is currently enrolled in Susan Garrett's H360 program.

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